Nollywood is giving the world a taste of true African glamour

Nollywood star Linda Ejiofor. Credit: Ike Ude/

There’s a buzz in Nollywood right now.

Last month the romantic comedy The Wedding Party became the first movie from Nigeria’s growing film industry to break 400 million naira ($1.3 million). And in 2016 Nollywood’s combined box office topped 3.5 billion naira ( $11.5 million) with 30% of ticket sales generated by local movies. To a Hollywood watcher those numbers will seem tiny, but for a burgeoning movie business growing out of years of rampant disc piracy and a battered economy, this was a breakthrough.

Nigeria’s movie industry has become the country’s second largest employer and shows huge potential as an export product to the rest of the world. This is especially important for a Nigerian government which is keenly aware of the need to diversify from its over-reliance on oil for 90% of its export revenue.

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