Africa growth to rebound in 2017: Africa Capital Group (Infographic)

After the U.S. election in November, many Africa investors became concerned that a move toward a more isolationist trade policy in the U.S. would hinder business, trade and capital flows to and from Africa. The fear was that significant U.S.-bound trade would face additional hurdles and/or taxes that would cause some of the trade to dry up.

Aid packages were also seen to be in jeopardy. Since the administration took office, however, many of these concerns have abated.

While it is still too early to see how the new administration will affect Africa, it seems that the worst fears will not be realized. The Trump administration, so far at least, seems to be pursuing a more liberal trade agenda than that espoused and supported by then-candidate Trump. For Africa, this is good news, as the Continent is in need of continued trade and capital from the U.S. and its other developed-world trading partners.

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