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Kenyan women order at Caramel, a new restaurant and lounge in Nairobi with a humidor, private lounge, and imported waiters. Credit Sven Torfinn for The New York Times

Nairobi's latest novelty: High-End mac and cheese, served by whites

There’s a newcomer on the Nairobi restaurant scene: the White Waiter. The other night, Martin Mileveski, a smiley young man from Macedonia, leaned over a table of three immaculately dressed Kenyan women and delicately poured out the Captain Morgan rum.

McDonald's Kenya

Global fast food chains race to set up shop in Kenya (Video)

While South Africa is the largest market in Africa for the international fast food brands, it is not the only target. In Kenya, there is a quiet change going on and while local restaurants do not feel threatened yet, analysts say it is only a matter of time.