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Kim Reid, Founder & Co-CEO, Takealot

Africa's most valuable company Naspers ups investment in South Africa's largest e-commerce company Takealot

Naspers, Africa’s biggest ecommerce and digital company, has just invested R960 million (about $69.4 million) in Takealot Online, South Africa’s largest ecommerce company.

Tesla Powerwall

Is #Africa on the verge of a solar energy boom? #ABCView

Like #Africa leapfrogged fixed-line telephones to mobile, the same could happen with the conventional electrical grid & solar energy.

The new Tesla Energy Powerwall home battery

Could the Tesla Powerwall be the catalyst for Africa to leapfrog the electric grid?

The African continent is revolutionizing itself as the place where no infrastructure is no problem. This began in the telecommunications field.

An illustrator works on a digital drawing board at the Kuluya Games office at Anthony district in Nigeria’s commercial capital of Lagos June 16, 2014. REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

10 technology trends to watch in Africa in 2015

Because connectivity defines modern prosperity, and because Africa will not be able to build roads fast enough to manage its growth, the continent will be the first to adopt cargo drones at massive scale.