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Leading Nigerian fintech startup Lidya closes $1.25M seed funding round

Lidya, a leading fintech platform based in Nigeria, announced in late March that it has closed a US$1.25 million seed funding round to further its mission of easing access to finance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Africa.

Tunde Kehinde, Co-Founder, Africa Courier Express (ACE)

Africa Courier Express (ACE): The app that's beating the traffic in Lagos (Photos)

On the streets of Lagos, motorcycles, cars and daredevil cyclists weave through the lanes, jostling for space to avoid getting stuck in the chaotic traffic jams.

Nigerian businesses target 100% mobile-first market

Nigerian businesses target '100% mobile-first market' (Infographics)

In Nigeria, success for both tech start-ups and more conventional businesses such as banks and fast food restaurants means adapting to the age of what entrepreneurs have dubbed the “100 per cent mobile-first market”.

Here are nine tech companies building Nigeria's future

Here are nine tech companies building Nigeria's future

Over the course of the last 5 years, Nigeria has seen the rise of many tech companies working to address Nigerian problems with unique solutions. Although a number have failed in this quest, a good number have diversified or pivoted their solutions to sustain business.

Ercin Eksin (Left) and Tunde Kehinde, Co-Founders and Managing Directors, Africa Courier Express (ACE). Credit:

Starting Jumia helped us build Nigeria's largest delivery network, say Africa Courier Express Co-Founders Tunde Kehinde & Ercin Eksin

Tunde Kehinde and Ercin Eksin are the Founders and Managing Directors of African Courier Express, ACE. The duo were among the pioneers of e-commerce in Nigeria …

Africa Courier Express (ACE)

Nigeria's Africa Courier Express (ACE) thinks big after recent funding round

Nigerian e-commerce logistics startup Africa Courier Express (ACE) plans to offer its service across the whole of Africa one day after securing sizeable funding.

Mitchell Elegbe, Group Managing Director, Interswitch

Nigeria's Interswitch launches $10M venture capital growth fund targeting epayment startups. Invests $850,000 in Africa Courier Express (ACE)

Interswitch, a leading pan-African integrated payment company, has announced the launch of a new $10 million ‘ePayment Growth Fund’.