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Kenya's Equity Bank wins court battle to deploy thin SIM technology.

Kenya's Equity Bank wins court battle to deploy thin SIM technology

Equity Bank plans to roll out its thin SIM technology in Kenya after the High Court dismissed a suit on 29 May. In 2014, the Communications Authority (CA) allowed Equity Bank to implement the new technology on a one-year trial basis, through its Finserve Africa subsidiary.

Thin SIM card can be overlaid on existing SIM card

Kenya court blocks Equity Bank's thin SIM technology rollout

The Kenyan High Court has suspended the decision of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to allow Finserve Africa, a subsidiary of Equity Bank, to roll out the ‘thin Sim’ technology, following an urgent application by Kituo Cha Sheria.

Thin SIM

Kenya regulator approves use of thin SIMs by new Mobile Virtual Networks Operators (MVNOs), including Equity Bank

The use of thin SIM technology has been approved in Kenya paving way for new Mobile Virtual Networks Operators (MVNOs) to use them for new services among them mobile money transfer.

Mobile Money in Kenya

Kenya's mobile innovation brings digital money closer

Kenyan financial services heavyweight Equity Bank is planning to roll out mobile banking services in July, using innovative paper-thin SIM technology.