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Ajen Sita, CEO, EY Africa

Africa's development within the global economy: Ajen Sita, CEO, EY Africa

While Africa’s 2015 GDP is down 1.2% from 4.6% in 2014, it is still among the fastest growing regions in world.

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Africa: Firmly on the map

A number of new real estate fund platforms focused on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) have emerged in recent years, giving credence to the continent’s ability to attract larger capital commitments from global investors.

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South Africa still leads the rest of Africa on foreign investment

Despite an overall deceleration in growth in recent years, South Africa leads as the top destination in Africa for inward foreign direct investment (FDI) and shows clear economic potential, according to new research from fDi Markets.

Corporate Entry into Africa - A New Chapter - Jones Lang LaSalle

Corporate Entry into Africa - A New Chapter: Jones Lang LaSalle (Report)

Africa has seen a surge of corporate interest and investment in recent years. Total FDI inflows into the region more than doubled since 2003 as international companies have sought to benefit from the sustained economic growth, rapid pace of urbanisation, emerging middle class and the myriad of other growth opportunities the African continent presents for international business.

Africa Attractiveness Survey 2015 - Making Choices - EY

Africa Attractiveness Survey 2015 - Making Choices: EY (Report)

Geopolitical tensions and weak economic growth led to a 3.1% decline in greenfield FDI projects worldwide in 2014. FDI projects in Africa fell 8.4%, but remained well above pre-2008 levels. However, capital investment into the continent surged to US$128b, up 136%. And FDI created 188,400 new African jobs, a 68% increase.

The role of cities in Africa's rise - KPMG

The role of cities in Africa's rise: KPMG (Infographics & Report)

New dynamic markets around the globe are offering boundless opportunities. Firms are gravitating towards new markets in the south and the east, where the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) are resulting in returns on investment (ROI) far exceeding those of mature markets in Europe and North America.

A construction worker walks on a scaffolding on a tunnel along the Nairobi-Thika highway project, under construction near Kenya’s capital Nairobi, September 23, 2011. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

Time to rethink our view of Africa's economy: Steven Schultz, Head of International Fund Solutions, MMI

Seven years have passed since the implosion of the global financial system and the largest bankruptcy filing in history – Lehman Brothers.

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5 things to know about building business in Africa: Anthony Lewis, Director, Capital Markets, JLL Sub-Saharan Africa

Corporate and investor interest in Africa commands the attention of the highest echelons of global business. The theme of the 2015 World Economic Forum on Africa, “Then and Now: Reimagining Africa’s Future”, has my fellow delegates and me reflecting upon our continent’s remarkable turnaround.

Foreign direct investment in Africa surges

Foreign direct investment in Africa surges

Africa is the world’s fastest-growing region for foreign direct investment, according to a report from fDi Intelligence, a data division of the Financial Times group.

Nigeria: Racing ahead with ambitious infrastructure plans

Nigeria - Racing ahead with ambitious infrastructure plans: This is Africa/Financial Times (Infographic & Report)

Nigeria is a country of vast economic opportunity. It famously became the biggest economy in Africa in 2014, after an economic rebase almost doubled the size of its gross domestic product (GDP). At about $510bn, its economy is now bigger than South Africa’s (and among the top 30 in the world).

The twilight of the resource curse? Africa’s growth is being powered by things other than commodities.

African economic growth: The twilight of the resource curse?

For decades commodity prices have shaped Africa’s economic growth. The continent is home to a third of the planet’s mineral reserves, a tenth of the oil and it produces two-thirds of the diamonds.

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African equity is emerging a hot choice

Now is the time to invest in Africa. Today, the continent’s population of over 1 billion can boast some of the world’s strongest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates, urbanising communities and expanding consumer class — facts that are increasingly recognised by the Gulf Corporation Council member states.

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Lions go global: Deepening Africa's ties to the United States

The White House has invited some 50 African heads of state to Washington, DC, this week, presenting a historic opportunity to deepen US ties to the continent.

Clare Akamanzi, Chief Operating Officer, Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Clare Akamanzi, COO, Rwanda Development Board (RDB): New Investment Codes Set To Boost Economic Growth (Video)

The new investment codes will introduce derivatives trading to Rwanda’s capital market and help identify new key sectors of Rwanda’s economy.