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Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria

Nigeria should curb president's oil licensing powers, say lawmakers

The Nigerian president’s power to grant oil licenses should be removed and the government should float 30 percent of the state oil company, lawmakers recommended in a report on a bill aimed at cleaning up the industry in Africa’s top crude producer.

Vladimir Putin (Left) and Jacob Zuma, presidents of Russia and South Africa, respectively

Geopolitics Key to South Africa's $100 Billion Nuclear Plan

Politics may tip the balance as Russia’s Rosatom Corp. and France’s Areva SA (AREVA) prepare to battle it out for South Africa’s planned nuclear-energy project that could cost $100 billion.

Hennie Heymans, MD, DHL Express South Africa

Nigeria is bursting with opportunities and is the market to consider within Africa given its exceptional growth: Hennie Heymans, MD, DHL Express, South Africa

As Nigeria continues to grow economically, so do the trade opportunities for South African businesses.

Ade Onitolo, Director, Political Risk at IHS Exclusive Analysis

Ade Onitolo, Director, Political Risk at IHS Exclusive Analysis: Violence in Nigeria Hasn't Put Investors Off (Video)

According to Ade Onitolo, the Director of Political Risk at IHS Exclusive Analysis, violence by the terrorist group, Boko Haram, has not dissuaded investors in Nigeria who take a long-term view.