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Issam Darwish, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO, IHS Towers

IHS Towers closes the first African mobile infrastructure consolidation transaction with HTN Towers

IHS Holding Limited (IHS), the largest mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, has completed the acquisition of Helios Towers Nigeria Limited’s (HTN) 1,211 diversified tower sites throughout Nigeria.

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Singularity invests in mobile advertising startup Sliide Airtime

Singularity Investments announced on Wednesday that it had invested an undisclosed sum into Sliide Airtime, a mobile advertising technology start-up that gives consumers free airtime in return for engaging with news and branded content delivered to the lock screen of their mobile devices.

IHS Towers acquires rival Helios Towers Nigeria (HTN)

IHS Towers acquires rival Helios Towers Nigeria (HTN)

IHS Holding on Thursday announced that it has agreed to acquire Helios Towers Nigeria (HTN), in the process adding 1,211 tower sites in Nigeria to its portfolio.

Change of pace: growing numbers of young Africans have flourishing businesses — Bloomberg/FT

African Entrepreneurs - A new generation leads the way: Financial Times (Report)

Start-ups are thriving and helping to change perceptions of business in Africa. As ever-increasing numbers of cars clog the streets of African cities, trade flourishes along congested highways.

IHS acquires Airtel towers in Rwanda and Zambia

IHS acquires Airtel towers in Rwanda and Zambia

Airtel has sold its 1,100 towers in Rwanda and Zambia to IHS Holding Ltd, the deal is rumored to be about US$200 million under a 10-year renewable agreement.

Issam Darwish, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO of IHS Towers

IHS Towers announces $2.6B capital raise, the largest in Africa since 2007

IHS Holding Limited (“IHS”), Africa’s leading independent mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider, has signed agreements for a capital raise of US$2.6 billion comprising equity of US$2 billion and a loan facility of US$600 million.

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MTN Nigeria to transfer up to 9,151 towers to IHS-MTN joint venture

In line with continued efforts to further raise service levels for its customers in Nigeria, MTN has reached an agreement in principle with IHS Holding Limited (“IHS”) for the transfer of its towers business, comprising of up to 9,151 of MTN’s mobile network towers in Nigeria.

Issam Darwish, CEO, IHS Towers

IHS Towers and Etisalat enter sale and lease back agreement on Nigeria's 2,136 tower portfolio

Etisalat Nigeria today announced the sale of 2,136 of its towers to IHS Holding Limited (IHS) as part of a broader strategy to drive improvements in the quality of its network performance and to accelerate roll out of 2G and 3G coverage and new services to its customers.