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Garden City (Illustration)

Kenya's $540M Garden City opens

Garden City, East Africa’s first integrated residential, retail and office development, officially opened last night with the announcement of a new Business Park.

Africa is the new China

Africa is the new China: Here is why you should care

Apart from the fact that one is a continent and the other a country, Africa is the new China. This seems like an odd idea at first. After all, China has a booming economy, and African countries are poverty-stricken, politically volatile, and unjustifiable business risks. Right? Wrong.


L'Oréal turns to fast-growing markets Ghana and Rwanda as EU revenue shrinks

Cosmetics giant L’Oréal is eyeing up fast-growing economies such as Rwanda and Ghana as the European markets are reported to be experiencing shrinking revenues.

Twins Kessie and Eku Edewor

The Nigerians have arrived ... and London is paying attention

Richard Vedelago is 29 years old and worth more millions than he’s prepared to tell. ‘Money talks, but wealth whispers,’ he says with a smile, sitting back in the bar at Claridge’s – his idea – and lazily sipping an elderflower juice.

Ceddi Plaza, Abuja, Nigeria

New generation of Nigerian consumers is drawing retailers from all over the world

At the turn of the century well-off Nigerians struggled to shop in style. Most had to jostle in local markets to buy food or travel to the UK, US or Middle East to replenish their wardrobes.

MAC Cosmetics

Bringing Estée Lauder's MAC cosmetics to Kenya a dream come true for entrepreneur Joyce Gikunda

Two weeks ago a retail outlet of the US cosmetics brand MAC launched in Nairobi, the first in East Africa.

Hugo Boss Store

Chain reactions: savvy supply is key to success in the African luxury market

Luxury retailers are eyeing the African continent as one of the next frontier markets. “Luxury in Africa is a hot topic,” says Oliver Merkel, a partner at Bain & Company, a management consultancy.

William Lauder, CEO, Estee Lauder Companies

Luxury heavyweights eye Africa's newly affluent

Sub-Saharan Africa was dismissed for decades by the luxury industry, and has attracted the attention of international heavyweights only in the past two years.

Estee Lauder confirms intention for further Sub-Saharan Africa expansion

Estée Lauder confirms intention for further Sub-Saharan Africa expansion

After apparently being “inundated” with requests for the cosmetics brand by consumers, Estée Lauder recently launched its MAC cosmetics brand in Nigeria; on the back of that successful market entry, the company has now confirmed it is eyeing up other Sub-Saharan Africa opportunities.

L'Oréal investing big in R&D in Nigeria

L'Oréal investing big in R&D in Nigeria

Speaking at the recent Nigerian Retail Transformation Conference, the managing director of L’Oreal Central West Africa announced the company has invested “over 800 million euros” in R&D in the region.