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Concept image of Lagos, Nigeria from NLE, featured in "Uneven Growth," MoMA, New York. Credit: CNN

Lagos 2050: How should Africa's biggest city prepare for doubling in size?

So your city is about to double in size, and it’s happening whether you like it or not. Infrastructure will be strained, sanitation is a concern and children need educating.

Modernism in mid-20th-century drawings from Nigeria: Left, Uche Okeke’s “Design for Iron Work I,” from 1959; and “Okpaladike and his Obu,” from 1961. Credit Courtesy of the artist and Skoto Gallery

Art Review: Modernism in mid-20th-century drawings from Nigeria's Uche Okeke

Histories of Modernism are constantly changing as scholars come to realize its global breadth and local particularities.