Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) News

Nairobi Securities Exchange to issue gold ETF

Kenya's Capital Markets Authority approves listing of first ETF

Kenya’s first ETF, which will track the price of gold, will be issued by NewGold Issuer (RF) Limited, which is incorporated in South Africa.

Africa Exchange Guide 2015 - African Alliance

Africa Exchange Guide 2015: African Alliance Capital Markets (Presentation)

Here is general information on exchanges across Africa, including: currencies, time zones, trading hours, open days, market operation, settlement, trading lot sizes, public holidays, monetary policy, taxation & indices. The guide was compiled by African Alliance.

Listing in Africa - Extractive Industries - KPMG

Listing on African Stock Exchanges - Extractive Industries: KPMG (Report)

The recent lack of growth in the developed markets coupled with perceived improvements in political and macroeconomic stability, policy certainty, and legal systems in many African countries, as well as Africa’s growing middle class and rise in consumption is leading to increasing interest by foreign companies and institutions in Africa as an investment destination.

Windhoek, capital of Namibia

Namibia: Good Governance Yields Great Returns

I first visited Namibia in late 1999, crossing the Orange River from South Africa and driving a little white Toyota hatchback some 1200 miles north to the Angolan border and back again.

The eight best-performing African stock markets in 2014

The eight best-performing African stock markets in 2014 (Infographic)

The eight best-performing African stock markets in 2014.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

Taking the temperature of Africa's stock markets

Specialised benchmark index maker S&P Dow Jones Indices has sliced up African markets to see which regions and countries have delivered the strongest performance this year.