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Eko Atlantic City: An Illustration

Eko Atlantic City: The emergence of Africa's new financial haven

In terms of raising a 21st century model city with a blend of first-class architectural design, adept urban planning, self-sustaining power generation, and a keen consideration for environmental sustainability, the Eko Atlantic City (EAC) stands as one of the leading urban development projects in Africa.

Eko Atlantic Beach Polo Tournament

Beach polo in Lagos: Eko Atlantic wants to become the 'Dubai of Africa'

Porsches and Jaguars are parked in the sand while businessmen and their partners, in high heels and hats, sit in the sheltered grandstands, glass of champagne in hand.

Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, Nigeria (Illustration)

Nigeria's Eko Atlantic City takes shape

The new multi-billion dollar Eko Atlantic City with residential and commercial tower blocks off the coast of Lagos in Victoria Island, is taking shape as developers forge ahead with infrastructure development.

Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, Nigeria

Eko Atlantic: Is This Man-Made Island in Nigeria a Sign of What Cities Will Have to Do to Survive Rising Seas?

What will coastal cities do as rising sea levels slowly claim more and more of their territory?