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Abacus launches Nairobi Stock Exchange Android app. Credit: techcabal.com

Abacus launches Nairobi Securities Exchange Android app

Abacus is a web and mobile software that lets you keep tabs on whatever is going on with the Nairobi Securities exchange in real time.

Private equity

Private equity is an investment opportunity for growing African pension funds: Craig Metherell, Analyst, RisCura

African pension funds with growing asset bases, due to rising incomes, will need to look beyond traditional asset classes to diversify their portfolios. Given private equity’s long-term nature – the typical life cycle of a fund is 8-10 years – the asset class is an obvious choice.

Stock Market

How to Diversify Your Portfolio: Try Africa

Do you feel like, no matter what region you invest in, everything seems to move in lockstep? It’s not just your imagination.

Clifford Mpare, CFA, Chairman & CEO, Frontline Capital Advisors

Africa's Lion Market: An interview with Clifford Mpare, CFA, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Frontline Capital Advisors (Video)

The Financial Times recently did a video interview with Clifford Mpare, CFA, of Frontline Capital Advisors.