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Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power recently won a bid to build a 100MW solar power plant in South Africa

Gulf states investing in series of projects to power Africa growth

Chinese investment into Africa gets much of the press, but the Arabian Gulf states are quietly making inroads in strategic sectors.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

African equity is emerging a hot choice

Now is the time to invest in Africa. Today, the continent’s population of over 1 billion can boast some of the world’s strongest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates, urbanising communities and expanding consumer class — facts that are increasingly recognised by the Gulf Corporation Council member states.

Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) Private Equity

Private equity is Africa's best-kept investment secret: Hurley Doddy & Vincent Le Guennou Co-CEOs of Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) Private Equity

Africa is ripe for investment, a fact that is being acted upon by Abu Dhabi companies with increasing regularity.

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Arabian Gulf companies commit $19B to West Africa infrastructure projects

African countries secured commitments from companies in the Persian Gulf totaling $19 billion to invest in roads, railways and airports at the first West Africa Investment Forum held in Dubai on Tuesday.